Monday Vision: Emotional Thinking

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It’s the start of a new week with many interesting challenges ahead. We honestly love our Monday’s. But today was a little different as we glared from our windows to see the ridiculous torrent of cold rain and bleakness washing over New York City. Immediately, the rational and the emotional side of our brains were in conflict overdrive. Our rational mind wants us to find our umbrellas and get out and about to see and learn something different and have a productive day. Our emotional mind wants to hide in the warmth of a local cafe surrounded by inspiring design books and a big pot of English Breakfast Tea.

While debating what to do, we thought of a rather appropriate topic for this week… Emotional Thinking, which we’re defining as: how you get the emotional and rational mind to cooperate in ways that open the door to new possibilities. So where could we go to explore this further? There’s one place we’ve been meaning to visit for several weeks now…

Some installations from Brain: The Inside Story where you can literally step inside and explore the brain.

What better place to head on a rainy, mind-conflicting day than Brain: The Inside Story at the American Museum of Natural History. This exhibition allowed us to literally step inside our brains and give our neurotransmitters a real workout. Among other things, we learned that while mammals produce basic emotions such as fear and anger, humans have especially highly developed social emotions, such as shame, guilt, and pride, which involves an awareness of what other people feel and think about us. Now, this got our brains firing on all cylinders as we’re working with our clients to create brand design ideas that connect with people on an emotional level that helps them make better choices – eliminating negative emotions such as guilt and fear, and tapping into the positive ones of pride, optimism and change. It’s a creative science in itself, but we’re loving exploring how design can play a bigger role in Emotional Thinking, to break through boundaries and transform the way we think and behave.

We’ve captured just a few images to share with you that demonstrate how the sensing brain manages touch and sight and how it responds to the way we perceive information in different ways. We also learned how the thinking brain processes intelligence such as speed, memory, creativity and connectivity, and then how it knits all these things together. The brain is fascinating, it allows us to live in the moment, reflect on the past, and imagine the future. We’re using all three as we create new design ideas that are in touch with what people emotionally connect with.

1) A game which tests how quickly visual and written information can be processed.

2) Mona Lisa made from cotton spools and viewed through a lens demonstrates how the brain processes pieces of visual information into a coherent whole.

3) A visual representation of how the brain manages the sense of touch by overemphasizing the more sensitive touch centers of the hands and mouth.

At Monday Collective we’re constantly exploring new possibilities for design to be more  in touch with the needs and wants of people, and the world we live in. We do this by gathering insight from diverse sources and then using our intuition and Emotional Thinking to create design ideas. If your emotional and rational mind gets the value of this, please do connect with us through

Monday Collective: connected brand design ideas

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